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Spiral Programme

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Workshop Includes.

  • Breakdown of Combinations
  • Safety and Effective Teaching Skills
  • Class Programme and Music CD
  • Course Manual
  • Assessment by Video
  • Self Assessment Paperwork
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Sample Marketing Packs including Posters and Sample Press Release


We require you to hold an ETM (Exercise to Music) qualification or equivalent.

  • The Training Day - You purchase the one day event and along with the training receive a manual, music CD and class program. You will be assessed on the day and receive a Certificate of Achievement. You can purchase as many training days as you wish as future dates are published and there are 4 individual class programs a year with accompanying new CD, DVD and manual.
  • After having attended at least one date where you have been assessed you may purchase any new program upon release , receive the new manual, music CD and class programme specific to the new program. You have the option to attend but are not required. There is no required minimum purchases or expiry for this option to be available.
  • You may commit to all 4 programs for the year. This can be done in one of two ways:
    - a monthly subscription for 12 months where you receive all the materials for each release on or after the training date but are only required to attend the first date.
    - a one of payment and the option of a guaranteed place on each new program date in your chosen event location. Confirmation is required for these days.
  • You can join into the ongoing program at any of the 4 releases each year and do not need to wait till the end of the years program for your first event. So on each date there will be first time students.


  • You will be able to deliver the Spirals class anywhere
  • Have a training manual, a license free Music CD and Class Programme specific to each class
  • Able to purchase a marketing pack.
  • Able to buy Clothes and supporting branded products.
  • You will be listed on the Spirals Web Site as a certified instructor
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